Is it possible to give a qualitative scoring for the application of financing to various projects submitted in a call for tender with competitive criteria and issue a result with a justification of the selection?

For this case, we have a model created specifically for this need. The model calculates the quality of the project, given some easily extractable parameters. The model in question is the following:

Project scoring

Project quality(Zeros)

 Project definition quality(Direct)

  1-Quality of the capacities of the agents (Positive direct high values)

  2-Quality of the definition of the needs to be resolved (Positive direct high values)

  3-Quality of the project monitoring proposal (Positive direct high values)

  4-Quality of the definition of the resources to be employed (Positive direct high values)

 Project eligibility(Direct)

  5-Strategic interest in line with funder interests (Positive direct high values)

  6-Innovation in the project with respect to other similar projects (Positive direct low values)

  7-Capacity of the counterparty on a funding level (Positive direct low values)

  8-Capacity for return on investment (Direct high indeterminate)

 Social execution(Direct)

  9-Social capacity of local agents (Direct high indeterminate)

  10-Adequate selection of beneficiaries (Positive direct high values)

  11-Capacity for organisational improvements on a social level (Direct average indeterminate)

 Technical execution(Direct)

  12-Capacity of the proposed providers (Positive direct high values)

  13-Capacity of the proposed technical assistance (Positive direct high values)

  14-Capacity for the development of training (Positive direct high values)

 Economic execution(Direct)

  15-Adaptation of costs to the market level (Direct average indeterminate)

  16-Capacity for documentation of actions (Positive direct high values)

  17-Security in financial transactions (Direct extreme)

 Project sustainability(Direct)

  18-Sustainability of the project on a technical level (Positive direct high values)

  19-Sustainability of the project on a social level (Direct high indeterminate)

  20-Capacity for replicating the project (Direct extreme)

  21-Capacity for the inclusion of improvements (Direct high indeterminate)

 Risk analysis for the project(Direct)

  22-Degree of technical risk for the project (Positive direct high values)

  23-Degree of social risk for the project (Direct average indeterminate)

  24-Degree of financial risk for the project (Direct extreme)

 Project scope(Direct)

  25-Impact of the project within the context of the beneficiary (Positive direct high values)

  26-Capacity for dissemination (Direct high indeterminate)

  27-Impact of the project within the context of cooperation (Direct high indeterminate)


As we can see in the example of the figure below, the model is consistent and fully functional.

Project scoring




PASS: Q-engine1EN