Is it possible to produce a report on improvements to be included by an organisation acting with social objectives with various coordinated actions aimed at disadvantaged groups using public resources?

Such a report can indeed be produced. We have a model proposal to carry out this task. The proposed model aims to give a degree of efficiency to the social institution we wish to improve. From that starting point, the optimisation function within the Qualitative Engine will provide a guide to improvements. The model in question is the following:

Efficiency of the social institution

Social institution efficiency  (Zeros)

  Municipal sensitivity (Direct extreme)

  1-Degree of understanding of SS entries in municipal budget (Direct extreme)

  2-Economic support for households (Direct extreme)

  3-Infant support in situations of poverty (Ones)

  4-The number of households hoped to be dealt with, on an economic level (Direct extreme)

  5-The number of persons from SS dedicated to dealing with households (Direct extreme)

  6-The indirect entries involved which affect households (Direct extreme)

 Quality of planning (Direct extreme)

  7-Knowledge on the situation regarding poverty in the municipality (Direct average indeterminate)

  8-Quality in planning basic household support (Direct extreme)

  9-Analysis of direct support services for infant issues (Direct extreme)

  10-Analysis of services provided in support for labour reinsertion (Direct extreme)

  11-Planning of actions with other departments from the town hall (Direct high indeterminate)

  12-Planning of actions with external agencies that work with poverty (Direct high indeterminate)

 Quality of execution (Direct extreme)

  13-Degree of satisfaction among beneficiaries of direct attention (Direct average indeterminate)

  14-Evaluation of the impact of services on the beneficiaries (Direct extreme)

  15-Strategies to improve planning based on impact (Direct high indeterminate)

  16-The presence of beneficiaries in the strategy for improvement (Direct extreme)

  17-Efficiency of coordination with town hall departments linked to poverty (Direct average indeterminate)

  18-Efficiency of coordination with social agents in the municipality (Direct medium indeterminate)

 Level of communication (Direct extreme)

  19-Discussion of the social budget, in order to obtain the city's opinion regarding approval (Direct extreme)

  20-Communication in relation to the execution of the budget in SS (Zeros)

  21-Communication regarding services and beneficiaries attended to periodically (Direct high indeterminate)

  22-Communication regarding known deficiencies and the outlook for improvements (Direct extreme)

  23-Channels established for the reception of citizens' opinions regarding poverty (Direct extreme)


Based on this model we can carry out an analysis for subsequent optimisation. For example, from this analysis:

Efficiency of the social institution




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